NEMFA Festival Sponsors

Click on any of the questions below for more information about becoming a Sponsor and supporting a participating student. Feel free to email Steffan Parker with any questions!

What is a NEMFA Sponsor?

A NEMFA Sponsor is a Parent, Band Director, Private Lessons Teacher, Guardian, etc. who is willing to register and accompany students throughout both the Solo and Ensemble Festival and Concert Festival Process. A student will not be allowed to register or participate without a Sponsor.

How do I become a Sponsor?

Click on Register Students Button on the Solo and Ensemble Festival Page and use the GUEST login
Read the info on the 'First Time Here This Year' page and click on the Register as a New England Sponsor button to begin the entry process. Select the type of sponsor, fill in that info, create your NEMFA ID, and continue to be able to enter your student applications Print your invoice and mail in with payment by the deadline (mailing address is on the invoice).

How do I register a student for the Concert Festival?

The online adjudication results site is now offline and has been replaced by the Alternate Acceptance site. Log in using the Account Name and Password you received in an email from Steffen Parker. Enter your NEMFA ID to access your student information
Click on the button for Student Contracts to printout the list of Student Contract information for your students (they need to complete that process online by the deadline to complete the acceptance process) - You can see if they have completed their contracts on your Concert Festival Acceptance tab
Click on the Concert Festival Acceptance tab to view the listing of your accepted students and their ensemble & seat (or voice part).
Next to each student's name, enter their acceptance information (Yes or No to the acceptance, Yes or No to whether they will need host housing in Gilford, and their height for chorus students) - Click on the UPDATE THIS INFORMATION button in the lower left to submit that information.
Once your acceptance information is complete, click on the Concert Festival Invoice tab to view your acceptance information and printout your Festival Invoice to send with payment by the same deadline.
Your signature and that of your administrator (if appropriate) is required on the invoice prior to mailing

What is a sponsors responsibility for the Solo and Ensemble Festival?

You and your student should arrive at their Solo & Ensemble Festival 45 minutes prior to their performance time and while you check in at registration, they should go to warmup Be at your adjudication room 10 minutes prior to their scheduled times Again, you are reminded to review the Solo & Ensemble Fesitival policies available through the Documents link at the top The results from the adjudication will be available through Check Your Solo & Ensemble Results link on the left on the Thursday after the second Solo & Ensemble Festival
A reminder that you need to provide a copy of your music for the adjudicator. It can be a photocopy as long as the original is being used by the performers (both the soloist and the accompanist must perform from memory or an original).

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