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Solo and Ensemble Festival Repertoire Lists

Click on a performance category below to view the repertoire lists for solo and ensemble performance. Choose any single selection to perform. Virtuoso selections receive a higher score for difficulty. 

Note: Sheet music is NOT attached. Music may be obtained through private teachers, band directors, etc. 

The NEMFA Repertoire includes instrumental solos (winds, strings & percussion), vocal solos (soprano, alto, tenor & bass), and vocal ensembles (SSA, SAB, SSAA, SATB, TTBB, SSATB)
While the publishers listed are only suggestions and other publications can be performed by students in the Solo & Ensemble Festivals, less challenging arrangements will not receive the same ratings considerations as more appropriate ones.

Students must not perform the same piece for the NEMFA Solo & Ensemble Festival that they have performed previously, regardless of whether they were selected for the Concert Festival or not based on that performance.

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