Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New England Festival Association all about?

High School musicians, sponsored by their teachers or parents, perform for adjudication in one of the two Solo & Ensemble Festivals. Those performing music from the NEMFA Repertoire whose evaluations are highly rated are invited to be a part of one of the three NEMFA ensembles. Those ensembles rehearse for three days while being hosted by a school community and perform in one of two concerts on the final day.

Who can sponsor/register students for the solo and ensemble festival?

School Music Educators, Private Music Teachers, Regional Ensemble Leadership, Parents - Any adult who will become a NEMFA member ($30) and be responsible for the student's participation. The Solo & Ensemble participation fee for each student is $12.

What types of performances are adjudicated in the solo and ensemble festival?

Students may perform any music as a solo or in any small ensemble for evaluation in the Solo & Ensemble Festivals, HOWEVER, if the student wishes to have their evaluation considered for the Concert Festival, they must perform an instrumental solo, vocal solo or in a vocal ensemble selection from the NEMFA repertoire

How do I register students for the solo and ensemble festival?

Go to the SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL page, creation of their NEMFA ID, student information and performance information is entered, the membership and participation fees are totaled, and an invoice is generated for mailing in with payment. Both that mailing and the online entry must be completed by the deadline (see the online Calendar for all of our dates)

How do I know when my student's performance is scheduled?

Approximately 2 weeks prior to each Solo & Ensemble Festival, the schedule is posted online for sponsors to access using their NEMFA ID

How do we receive the solo and ensemble festival results?

Approximately 5 days after the second Solo & Ensemble Festival, the results are posted online for sponsors to access during their NEMFA ID. Those results will include access to each performance's adjudication form and, if invited, the steps to follow to accept that invitation to the Concert Festival.

What are the next steps if my student is accepted into the concert festival?

Using their NEMFA ID, sponsors can complete the online registration process, print their invoice (the Concert Festival participation fee is $95), and mail in with payment. They can also printout the information for their student(s) to use to access the Online Student Contract that also needs to be completed for each participating student. Both that mailing and the online entry must be completed by the deadline (see the online Calendar for all of our dates)

How and when do we receive concert festival music?

The music for students invited to participate in the New England Chorus is mailed to their sponsors along with an information letter during the week following the second Solo & Ensemble Festival. The New England Band and Orchestra music is mailed to invited students' sponsors in the week following the Concert Festival Acceptane Deadline in January.

Are alternate students ever chosen for the concert festival?

Once the Acceptance Deadline has been reached, the rosters of each ensemble are adjusted to reflect those students who are unable to accept the invitation to participation. At that time, the Managers and Solo & Ensemble Co-Coordinators confer to see if qualified students from the Solo & Ensemble Festival results will be invited to replace those students. Any such students will be notified through their sponsors and regarded as any other accepted participant.

What is the chaperone requirement for the festival?

For all the reasons you know, each NEMFA student must have an adult chaperone within the host community (within 30 minutes) for the duration of the Concert Festival. Chaperones can be responsible for students other than their own to help out where the sponsor cannot be there for the duration. These arrangements need to be done prior to the start of the festival and unchaperoned students will be sent home immediately.

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