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Spring 2024 Professional Development Opportunity - NEMFA Members

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Educator Pedagogy Reboot – Crafting the Modern Music Educator (NEMFA)

Course Description: As a music educator what we teach has not generally changed since the standards of MENC (now NAfME), but the practices and how we educate our students have. Also, the demands of the music educator have changed in recent times and because of this change new ‘tools’ are needed to assist leaders in managing resources. In this course students will be guided through 3 major topics: Universal Design for Learning, Curriculum Mapping through Knowledge, Understanding, and Doing, and Rehearsal Techniques of a Master Conductor/Teacher. Throughout this course, music educators can practically apply concepts through hands-on experience of developing lessons, units, and a curriculum guide through a UDL lens, developing new techniques and classroom management, reflect on the new learning, and develop a plan of action. In order to effectively complete this course, students must attend a District, State, Regional, or National Festival in which they can observe a Master Conductor/Teacher. Virtual classes, including the 1st class, will be determined by the majority of the participants in the class via email about 2 weeks before the start of the course.


Audience: Music Educators

Instructor: Dr. Eddie Wilkin, Ed.D; and/or

Number of Credits: 3 – Issued through Vermont State University/Castleton University


Level: Graduate

Cost: $2,000

Dates: March 3 – April 13, 2024



Registration Link:

Graduate Credits are issued through Vermont State University in connection with

Lighthouse Education and Consulting, LLC acting as the fiscal agent.

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For additional course information

Edward Wilkin:

(201) 575-1233

Required Texts

Jordan, J. M. (1999). The musician's soul: A journey examining spirituality for performers, teachers, composers, conductors, and music educators. GIA. ISBN: 978-1579990589


Jordan, J. M., & Thomas, N. (2010). Toward center: The art of being for musicians, actors, dancers, and teachers. GIA Publications. ISBN: 978-1579997694


Other Readings/Texts (Not Required):

Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead: brave work, tough conversations, whole hearts. New York: Random House. ISBN: 978-0399592522 ($20).


Course Options: 3 Credits (March 5 – April 1); 1 Credit (March 19 – 26); Certificate of Professional Development (NO credit, but required to write a reflection paper).


To Register:  – Please use this link here: Registration


(Link in case the one above does not work):

Newly added for NEMFA Professional Development Opportunity:


Course Description:

As a music educator and conductor there is so much more to making music as the leader on the podium. Music is about connection, building relationships, and providing a meaning learning experience for any aged ensemble we conduct.


Throughout this course music educators both private and public, and music studio teachers can practically apply concepts through continuous reflection to our practice on and off the music podium while effectively implementing new learning from master conductors we watch. In order to effectively complete this course, students must have access to attend a Music Festival (i.e., NEMFA Concert Festival, All-State, various District and Local Festivals, etc.). Please reach out for approval of festival choice. Virtual classes, including the 1st class, will be determined by the majority of the participants in the class via email about 2 weeks before the start of the course.

Audience: Music Educators Private and Public Schools, and Studio Teachers


Course Goals & Objectives:

Throughout this four (4) week course, those enrolled will be introduced to several methods and techniques of leadership, reflection, and centering our being on and off the podium. Students will be guided through a personal practice of reflective exercises and personalized coaching between instructor and student to foster a deeper understanding of the how we can build a core rooted through observation of master conductors, while exploring what it means to journey toward our creative center. Using real-life practices, students will reflect on processes and techniques that will work best for them in their roll through readings, observation at a music festival, and then develop a plan of action that will include the application of new learnings. Facilitation will be through group discussion and personal meetings. On completion of the course, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Define and understand the journey of reflection as we move toward our center on and off the podium as musicians.

  2. Define effective podium leadership, rehearsal technique, and the process of reflection we can take as musicians.

Implement new learning into the real-world situations where the student works simultaneously as course learning is moving forward (Plan of Action).

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