NEMFA Concert Festival

March 17 - 19, 2022
Lewis S. Mills High School, Burlington, CT

2022 NEMFA Concert Festival

March 17 - 19, 2022

Lewis S. Mills High School, Burlington, CT

John Deeb, Host

Dear NEMFA Membership:

Congratulations for a GREAT 2022 NEMFA Concert Festival !!! What a success !!!

I can’t tell you how happy we are in the towns of Harwinton and Burlington, Connecticut that plans are moving forward for an in-person festival of live music making. We, at Lewis S. Mills High School, are busily preparing for your arrival on March 17. Things change on a daily basis as it relates to the Covid situation and we are trying to prepare for all possibilities and have been as flexible as possible in all our plans and preparation. We feel particularly honored to be hosting this festival after a two year void, and promise you a welcoming community and a terrific musical experience for all our kids.


Soon I will be sending you information about tickets, t-shirts and recordings. We are making every attempt to make everything as easy as possible and in the most time efficient way we can. If you have any questions at all regarding the festival and plans we are currently working on, please feel free to contact me via email at my email address below.


You will find information about the Directors' Headquarters Hotel and the hotels where students will be staying in the blocks directly beneath my report. You can make reservations at the Directors' Headquarters Hotel which will be at The Farmington Inn in nearby Farmington. The student hotels are also in Farmington, CT - the Hampton Inn and the Homewood Suites. Neither you nor the students need to worry about making reservations there... these will reserved and paid for through their Concert Festival Registration Fees.


Thanks so much for your cooperation and dedication to music making in New England and your amazing work as music educators both before and throughout these unprecedented times The 2022 Concert Festival, will be like no other. And the New England Music Festival Board is excited to have the opportunity to provide this outstanding musical experience for our participating students and their sponsors. And while the changes made necessary to provide a safe environment for everyone involved seem overwhelming at times, they will not keep us from having another great New England Concert Festival.


So what’s the same this year; three ensembles made up of some of New England’s finest high school musicians; two + days of intense, educational, inspiring, innovative and just plain fun rehearsals; a pair of afternoon performances that will feature all three groups and some of the outstanding performers from the Solo & Ensemble Festival; opportunities to connect with old and new friends from across our region; and a supportive community and school that value music and the young people that make it.


What is different will seem unusual or odd at first, but once the music begins, it will seem like the best festival ever; Masks while indoors or on the bus sharing space with others; performance masks for wind players and their instruments; hotel accommodations by school and gender to keep everyone safe; Friday night social time to get to know those who share your passion for music; and a masked audience who traveled far to support your efforts and appreciate your talents. And while these mitigations may seem like they are stealing the show, the music and musicians will come shining through even the thickest of masks.


And by making this effort, by participating fully, by supporting the students and the event, you are making a strong statement that even Covid can’t silence the music. Music education is an essential part of every school’s offering and opportunities for their young people and masks, social distancing, rehearsals outside, and canceled concerts & festivals will not change that. The return of the New England Concert Festival is not only a wonderful opportunity for the participants, but it is a statement made by student, teacher, sponsor, parent and host community alike that We Are Music and We are New England Awesome !

The ticket Information is below:
All tickets for the 95th New England Music Festival Association sponsored concert festival at Lewis S. Mills High School on Saturday afternoon, March 19, 2022 will be available for purchase online. All tickets are general admission and will be sold at a cost of $10.00 each. (There will be a $1.00 service charge per ticket.)
Tickets will be sent to your email address (no need to print/just use your mobile device)
2022 NEMFA Selected Soloist & Chorus Concert Tickets Can Be Purchased Using the Link Below:
2022 NEMFA Band Orchestra Concert Tickets Can Be Purchased Using the Link Below:




John Deeb


2022 NEMFA Concert Festival Host

NEMFA President-Elect


Steffen Parker

2022 NEMFA Concert Festival Director

NEMFA Solo/Ensemble Co-Coordinator


Our next live concert festival in 2022!

We will be welcoming students soon to the 2022 New England Music Festival Association Concert Festival, to be held March 17-19, 2022 at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, Connecticut hosted by John Deeb.

Check back here for updates !

Band - Returning in 2022!
Orchestra -  Returning in 2022!
Chorus -  Returning in 2022!
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